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Dropping the league-wide fantasy draft experiment, the NFL will return the Pro Bowl to its original format and once again pit the best of the NFC and AFC against each other in Sunday’s all-star game at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida.

In the three previous years, players, regardless of their team’s conference, were selected and split up by Hall of Famers Jerry Rice, Cris Carter and Michael Irvin over a couple of days. But the NFL nixed that version and went back to NFC vs. AFC, the league announced in June. It will, however, feature legends captains in Jerome Bettis, Tony Gonzalez, Ray Lewis and Charles Woodson.

In the same vein, many players are sticking to their own tradition of skipping the Pro Bowl. This year, the AFC has 18 replacement players filling in for those who are either injured, playing in the Super Bowl or simply didn’t want to participate. The NFC will roll out 14 replacement players.