Patriots vs. Texans Live Football game New England Patriots vs. Houston Texans Live Stream AFC Divisional Round, on Saturday, January 14, 8:15 p.m. ET, Texans vs. Patriots Live Stream.

Patriots vs. Texans Live Stream

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The NFL postseason has a remarkable habit of stunning unsuspecting fans with enthralling tales of underdog heroics. A single-game elimination system sets the table for dramatic twists and turns more commonplace for a Hollywood thriller. Sometimes the football gods grease the wheels for an upset with a fumble or remarkable Hail Mary loaded with the power to defy the odds and rewrite history.

Turning a trip to the NFL Playoffs into a yearly event for the better part of fifteen-plus years will do that to a franchise and that is the case Saturday night when Gillette Stadium will open up its doors to the postseason yet again. They were expected to be here and they are expected to win