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West Ham United vs Manchester City live stream soccer. West Ham United vs Manchester City, 2017 Premier League.Watch online.On feruary 02.time:1:45 p.m. ET, Tv Channel, West Ham United vs Manchester City live.

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Vincent Kompany had a solid return against Palace, making it easy to attribute a sizable portion of Saturday’s win to the Belgian captain. Whether his influence is immediately exploited to stabilize the Sky Blue defense or he is allowed a gradual evolution of his fitness is still unclear.

One thing looms above the particulars of his continued recovery: Kompany has to stay fit! Seeing him limp off again is unbearable to imagine. His value is undeniable but it needs to be secured for the long term, even if that only means the remainder of this season.Gabriel Jesus’ ability to jump in and quickly make a difference has been exciting. Seeing his named listed alongside Kevin De Bruyne for Wednesday night’s affair would be a sure signal of intentions.

There are a lot of questions about how the City roster will be managed with so many options. Now that Fernandinho’s off suspension, where will Yaya Touré play? Will Zabaleta be a right-back again or continue to venture into midfield positions? Who comes out for Sergio Agüero if Gabriel Jesus plays? Leroy Sané and Raheem Sterling have created good rhythm on the wings. Does that give them priority? With Kompany back on the list, how will the other center-backs shuffle and operate alongside the